Saturday, April 24, 2010

And then Steve Irwin was like...

So today we bought a glass bull full of Sangria.

We're at our 3rd hostel altogether, and our 2nd in Barcelona. Yeah, Spain. WTF, who let this happen???
This place is pretty nice, and right now it's about 11pm and we're in the common room, which is playing some odd grrl-power metal shouty music which is in English, but still isn't making any sense.

Last night we flew in at about 9pm, and quite successfully made our way to the hostel without getting mugged or lost, despite the slightly dodgy aura of the whole city we've seen thus far. We slept pretty badly in the hostel bunks because not only were we in the NOISIEST BUNK EVER, the mattresses were pretty uncomfy, and I kept waking up to check the time. Then this morning we moved to our other hostel, went out to La Sagrada Familia and took some photos, wandered about a bit, had some drinks and lunch at a weird Italian buffet place where the staff really wanted us to stay and eat, and the food was pretty good, then came back and napped =P

Anyway, here's a quick run down of our meals in Spain thus far:

Dinner 22/04 at Candelas Raval (as recommended by Corinne)
Chris: Asparagus risotto
Liz: Linguine with wild mushrooms (nom nom nom)

Breakfast 23/04 complimentary hostel breakfast
Chris & Liz: Crappy white toast with jam/vegemite (Thanks Razz)

Pre-Lunch Drinks at an empty little bar while we waited for lunch menus to start

Lunch 23/04 strange Italian buffet near Sagrada Familia
Chris & Liz: Carrots, pasta salad, lentil soup, peas, beans, some weird boiled-looking sausages which were tasty nonetheless, "roast beef" which looked and tasted like pork.

Pre-Dinner drinks at 'London Bar', which Chris pointed out had an English name, Irish decor, was in Spain and was playing AC/DC...they also had a trapeze hanging from the ceiling...

Dinner and dessert 23/04 at Candelas Raval (again, because we're big wusses)
Chris: The House Burger which, it turns out, is just a rissole, no bun or anything. It was pretty nice anyway. Raspberry cheesecake (on the menu it's listed as raspberry and fresh cheese pie =P)
Liz: Truffle and parmesan Ravioli. Omg yum =). Chocolate 'coulant' (I thought it was just chocolate sauce, but it's actually a little chocolate pudding type thing with warm melty chocolate in the middle) with pistachio icecream. The pistachio icecream must have run out thought because I got mango sorbet and a couple of pistachios on the side.

So far that's it. Chris has been drinking Estrella, which is everywhere here, and he says it's pretty good. I've been sticking to wine because it's easier to order than a mixed drink, though I did have a chocolate cocktail at the lunch place today, which was yummy.

Well, I'm sure we'll put more photos up before we leave Barcelona. We're going to try to empty our camera out while we're here because there's full size computers that we should hopefully be able to compress the photos on before uploading them to somewhere.
We're here for 5 nights before heading off to Zaragoza, which I think will probably force us to speak real Spanish instead of just pointing and nodding and smiling...
We'll be checking emails pretty much every day if we can. Oh, and the sangria bull. Yeah. Someone's going to be getting that (empty) in the mail probably =P


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