Monday, April 19, 2010

A Picture Post

I thought it was high time we had some photos!

Ignore the pink eyes...this is one of many super squirrel friends we've made thus far. This one was in St James' Park in London.

Look at that sky! It hasn't rained the whole time we've been here (not to jinx it...)
Obviously, this is the outside of St Paul's Cathedral in London.
And this is us being blown off the top of the cathedral...Chris' head and the London Eye. Too pricey for us on our cheapskate budget =P

And this is Chris, falling in love at a tiny weeny pub in Victoria somewhere

At Marylebone station, waiting for our train to Stratford. I was wearing almost all the clothes I had. A bit chilly, wot

The beer collection here at Stratfrord. It's still growing.

And this was the trout farm yesterday.

Today we were off to the races, but unfortunately didn't have any luck in our bets. I did, however, have a little nap in the semi-sun, and all round it was quite a nice day out.

Tomorrow, we're planning on hiring some bikes and riding about the town and along a cycleway, so expect the next post to be full of saddle-soreness and walking funny =P


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