Saturday, April 10, 2010

We're alive!

Today is our first full day on the other side of the world!
Our flight yesterday was OK, but we were kind of over it by the second leg. Emirates were pretty good, and the food was decent, but I'd have been happy if they'd just fed us cheese and crackers the whole way.

We arrived in London at 8pm last night, and managed to stay up until about midnight before crashing. Jet lag doesn't seem so bad from this end, because today I feel fine.
Chris is making himself a toad in the hole while I write this, and guess what - it's SUNNY outside!
We'll be going to Camden markets today with Corinne and Jamie, and then probably just wander around the city this evening. Maybe go out for dinner...

Not a lot else to update with at the moment, so I might go have some breakfast.


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  1. How did I know cheese would feature somewhere in your blog posts??!


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